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Our premium line of health and body care products are the result of years of developing products using the most natural and organic ingredients available. The key ingredient to our wonderful formulas is Noni. Noni is truly a miracle plant, imbued with healing properties that are beneficial for the entire body--not just the internal organs, and external organs, like the hair and skin. All products are Made in Hawaii.

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During the summer we live on Cape Cod, where our water shower water is "hard" water. This and the days in the sun, can lead to a loss of skin moisture. Our soap bars, are the first line of defense to moisture lost. The combination of soothing oils, herbs, botanicals, butters and locally sourced sea salts, leaves skin soft and glowing. Try one of our soaps with free shipping. Use code SALTY at checkout.

"Give the Gift of Wellness™" to yourself or a loved one $39.98 (Retail Price $59.95). Our 3 Step System includes our refreshing signature Shower Gel for maximum cleansing;Sugar Scrub for soothing exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells and our signature moisturizing cream for maximum penetrating benefits for dry skin issues as Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, and Lupus to name a few. Our Three Step System includes Shower gel 8 oz., Sugar Body Scrub 4 oz., 4 oz. Body Moisturizer. CODE: LB072016