Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products
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National Anti-Vivisection Society Takes “Leap” Forward to Encourage Compassionate Shopping

Juice Beauty Regains Certification

Legislation introduced in the United States to ban animal testing of cosmetics

Study Finds Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act will result in an increase in animal testing

Dermalogica Regains Leaping Bunny Certification

China begins phasing out mandatory animal testing on cosmetics

The Leaping Bunny Program Has Serious Concerns about the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act

CCIC partners with drugstore.com for Earth Day 2013 giveaway

Leaping Bunny Applauds Europe’s Decision to Ban Animal Testing on Cosmetics

CCIC wins $10,000 Grand Prize from Alba Botanica

Urban Decay Maintains Leaping Bunny Certification

Cost and Cruelty-Free Manufacturing Processes Matter Most to Beauty Shoppers, Vitacost Survey Finds

Dermalogica Removed from Leaping Bunny Program

The Leaping Bunny Program Recertifies Urban Decay

Leaping Bunny Program Removes Urban Decay: China’s Animal Testing Requirements are the Reason

New partnership with drugstore.com

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Marks 15 Cruelty-Free Years for Cosmetic, Personal Care, and Household Products

Statement on the Safe Cosmetics Act (HR. 5786)

Leaping Bunny Logo Proves High Standards: Companies Show No Animal Testing in Independent Audits

Make a Difference While You Shop: The Leaping Bunny Program Joins Naturity in Promoting Cruelty-Free Shopping

Multiplying Like Rabbits: The Leaping Bunny Program Welcomes New Member Organizations

Europe Leaps Ahead with Cosmetic Testing Deadline

Coalition Launches Leaping Bunny Pledge for Cruelty-free New Year

European Union Cosmetic Testing Deadline Fast Approaching

New York requires the use of alternatives for product testing

Cruelty-free marketing gains popularity

The Latest Buzz: Burt's Bees Joins the Leaping Bunny Program

A Fresh Look at Compassionate Shopping: The Leaping Bunny Program Launches New Website

CCIC’s Statement on the acquisition of Tom’s of Maine by Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Statement by leading animal protection groups worldwide on the acquisition of The Body Shop International by L’Oreal

"Cooking with Paula Deen" helps promote the Leaping Bunny and the CCIC-certified household products from The Good Home Company

"Natural Health" magazine turns to CCIC’s Chair, Michelle Thew, in its article on “How to be a conscious shopper"

"Woman’s Day" magazine lists Leaping Bunny as one of the “one-minute ways to do good”

Leaping Bunny attends Sierra Club’s Sierra Summit Expo in San Francisco to help promote the Standard and educate consumers on “no animal testing” claims

Three of CCIC’s founding member animal protection groups sponsor the Taking Action for Animals Conference in Washington, DC., giving compassionate consumer issues a voice

Vegetarianwomen.com educates consumers on truth in product labeling and directs compassionate consumers to Leaping Bunny to take the guesswork out of shopping

Karen M. Jones’s book "The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 Hours" hits the stands and encourages shoppers to find Leaping Bunny-approved products

CCIC talks with author Tanya Ha about her interest in the CCIC Leaping Bunny Program and its inclusion in her upcoming book "Greeniology"

Natural Products Expo West provides a great opportunity for CCIC to meet certified companies and talk with the industry at the largest natural product trade show in North America

EU Approves Animal Test Ban

Bausch & Lomb Promotes Humane Test Methods

Students Ask School to Buy Cruelty-Free

Leaping Bunny Proven Valid in Marketplace

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